Quartz countertops are a durable product forged out of Quartz and Resin. It fits into any domestic or commercial environment and has an uncanny ability to blend with its surroundings. Whether you have a modern kitchen design with a polished countertop with a unique pattern or a traditional kitchen design, Agora Stone will find you the material you need.  It is engineered to be easy to care for and it is non-toxic and non-allergenic. 

Quartz is man-made, a product that is formed from approximately ninety to ninety-five percent ground quartz and five to ten percent resins and pigments. Thanks to the actual content of the material in question, it is just as durable as its tough-as-nails rivalry in granite. The added component of resin in quartz products contributes greatly to shock resistance and overall malleability. The material is also scratch and stain-resistant, as engineered quartz is in fact non-porous. When considering everything it takes for large installations, it has the advantage over natural stone. Quartz can flex, allowing it to be engineered to produce larger pieces with fewer joints. It should be noted that while quartz products are heat resistant they are not entirely heatproof. The surface of the typical quartz countertop needs no sealants or waxes. Simple soap and water are all that is necessary to keep the countertop clean. 

Please have a look and find a Quartz color you like, we can satisfy and shape, size and design.